New Compuware HQ -- Campus Martius
Detroit, MI

TEC was retained by U.S. Equities/Redico-Cummins to provide the construction inspection and testing services for the $400 million structure with two 15-story wings, covering 1.1 million square feet with a 12-story (10 aboveground, two below) parking structure that contains 280,000 square feet of glass and 8,000 tons of structural steel.

TEC’s Project Engineer was on site full-time along with two to three technicians for soils, concrete, masonry, structural steel, roofing, waterproofing and bituminous testing.  All structural steel and precast members were inspected during fabrication.  

Due to the proximity of the People Mover station and the valuable Pewabic tile artwork on the walls of the station, the owner retained TEC to provide vibration monitoring.   To protect the tiles from being damaged, TEC worked around the clock during the installation of 219 caissons in order to immediately alert contractors if the maximum vibration level was exceeded.  The project was successful – zero tiles were damaged during the construction.

Testing and inspection services were also performed by TEC during the construction of the Hard Rock Café and Borders Books and Music Store in Detroit’s Campus Martius redevelopment.

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