Dearborn Public Schools
NPDES Phase II Storm Water Management
Dearborn, MI

TEC was retained by the Dearborn School District to assist the District in achieving compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Rules for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s). MS4s are required to obtain coverage for storm water discharges under a jurisdictional permit. TEC assessed each of the District's 34 facilities to evaluate eligibility for coverage under the general permit. After the initial assessment, TEC developed the Notice of Intent and completed the comprehensive Storm Water Management Plan for those facilities that were found to be MS4s.  TEC is currently assisting the District to complete the storm water management plan tasks and prepare the required annual report to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).

TEC also completed a facility plan of each of the District's 34 facilities. Each plan was developed through Site reconnaissance and research to determine the locations of underground utility connections, sanitary and storm sewer inlets and access points, and hazardous material use/storage areas.

Each of the 34 facility plans were then compiled into a single, District-wide ready reference of facilities to support the District's future environmental planning and compliance efforts.


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